Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten

I don’t know about you guys but this last school year went by WAY to fast! Our oldest daughter Kayla just finished up her first year of school and looking back at her first day of school pictures (you can see in the blog post, a little piece of my heart left for kindergarten today) she has grown so much! She is such a smart, fun, and loving little girl and we couldn’t be more proud of all she has accomplished! Here are a few of her “favorites” from this year.

Her favorite food is PB&J sandwiches, her favorite color is pink, her favorite things to wear are dresses, her favorite subject was music and her best friends name is Charli. She LOVES recess and her favorite teacher was Mrs. Meyers and she will miss her and her friends the most. She is excited for a new teacher next year but is scared of going to a new school. The thing she is most proud of from her kindergarten year is learning math and learning how to read!

Take a look at this cute little face and the excitement in her eyes as she was getting ready to leave for the last day of school.










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