Getting more personal, and blogging more often.

Hey everyone, I hope this will be the start to a turning point in my blog. I really want to start blogging not only my photography, but more about me personally. As of now my following is almost non existent, but I’m going to change that! For those of you that do follow me, you know that my family is my everything! They are the reason that I push so hard to better myself and my work as well as the driving force behind my business. Photography is a passion for me and its something that I crave, it gives me the availability to stay at home with my kids and allows my family to be able to do the things that my husband and I have always wanted to do with our family. NONE of this would even be a possibility if it wasn’t for you guys, my fans and clients!

For those of you who are just getting to know me or only know me through my business, I am Alisha. I am a wife to an incredible man with a huge heart for helping others, I am a mother to two beautiful girls who are my inspiration (and models even when they don’t like it). I am an aunt to 3 nephews and a niece whom I just adore and I have a puppy niece! I LOVE adventure and traveling. My family goes camping whenever we can, we are packing up to take a trip to Picacho Peak in Tucson Az this weekend (you can expect to see pictures of our adventure on the blog next week). Right now we are big on “hiking” I use that term loosely because my kids are 6 and 4 years old so most of the hiking we do is walking around Surprise but we do average about 4 miles a night on the nights we can go!

Well that is just a little about me and my family, I hope you guys enjoy getting to know me and my photography during the corse of this blog! I would love to hear from some of you that do follow so leave me some love in the comment section! Before I go I will leave you with a picture of us, my family. Please excuse the cell phone shot but as a photographer its not very often that I am in the shots so I cherish every one that I get!

About me
Our (rare) family picture


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