Documenting the small stuff

Kids grow up so fast and I am really bad at documenting the little things, the things that pass by so quick and I miss so much. By getting more personal with you on my blog I hope to be better about capturing the moments that I overlook every day.

Yesterday my oldest daughter Kayla, got sick right as we were walking out the door to go to school. (Then spent the rest of the day perfectly fine lol) This is her first sick day missing school so I took this time to capture the every day moments. These pictures will give you a look into my home, and a peek at the life of the Stewart girls 🙂

2015-12-01_0001 2015-12-01_0005 2015-12-01_0003 2015-12-01_0004 2015-12-01_00022015-12-01_0006 2015-12-01_0007 2015-12-01_0008 2015-12-01_0009



  1. I love lifestyle photography for so many reasons! You are bottling time and able to record your daily life exactly as it is right in the moment. Families are more relaxed and natural as well since they’re usually at home an in their element. Kudos to you for taking the extra time to do this for your own family!

  2. Aww these are so beautiful! I just had my 3rd baby girl and that’s pushing me to get sweet everyday moments like these too. I’ve been capturing bath time, random naptimes and my girls just being silly 🙂

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