The top 10 things on my kids Christmas list

My kiddos are at an age where when you ask them what they want for Christmas you never know what the answer is going to be! We sat down and asked them what was on the list this year and these were the answers!

  1. The “Pie in the Face” Game. Its called Pie Face and for those who somehow didn’t hear about this game, you take turns spinning to see how many times you have to spin the handle of the pie thrower. You never know when its going to go off, it could be your turn or someone else! It looks like a lot of fun!
  2. Seeds to plant in the garden. Haha I think my slight obsession with my new garden has prompted them to ask for this! They just LOVE gardening with me!!
  3. Hailey wants that big Ninja Turtle play set that turns from a big stand up turtle into a whole fold out play set!
  4. Hailey is also adamant about getting a new water bottle lol. Im not sure why one of the 7 different ones the girls have won’t do.
  5. Kayla is SO into her American Girl Doll and she wants American Girl EVERYTHING!!!
  6. Both of our girls are into LEGO’S and can sit for hours playing with them putting together the sets or making their own towers 🙂 They are asking for more Legos (I’m running out of room for them!!)
  7. “Party Dresses” Haha sometimes they are so super girly and I LOVE it!! They want poofy sparkly dresses!
  8. Kayla wants new art supplies. She make some of the best drawings I have seen from a 6 year old when she sits down and tries so Im so happy this is something she wants! (I have to keep art in the family 🙂 )
  9. Jump ropes. Who didn’t want a jump rope as a kid!!
  10. Candy… Always candy hahaha I pretty sure both of these girls thing that they can live just on candy alone.

Did any of these make your kids list this year? Comment below with the #1 thing they are asking for!


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