Why “getting it right in camera” is so important

As photographers starting out, we were all scared to make that leap to learning how to manually operate our cameras. Lets face it, its’ a HUGE learning curve. Its takes hours of practice, lots of studying, and more failed attempts than we would like to admit! I know that I have some pictures from that time in the beginning stages that that I would put under lock and key and never let see the light of day! (okay so I can be a little dramatic) But in all seriousness it took taking those under-exposed, blurry, and awkward posed pictures to show me that I wanted and needed to get my images right in my camera as best as I could and not after in photoshop, to become the professional photographer I have always dreamed of being. In my experience, taking the time to get things right in the camera before I take the picture has had some serious benefits. 1- I know what I’m doing and I am more confidant with my work. 2- Because I’m taking the time to adjust my settings my clients can see that I know how to operate my camera and I know my craft. 3- I spend a fraction of the time I did before in post processing leaving me open to taking more session and spending more time with my family. 4- My clients get their images (family sessions and Children sessions) within 24 to 48 hours and THEY. LOVE .THAT! Its all about serving them in the best way possible isn’t it?

In order to serve ourselves and our clients in the best way that we can I truly believe that you should never stop learning and always push yourself to get it right in your camera (or as close as you can). I promise your clients and your business will thank you!


This image was sharpened slightly, and added a little bit of contrast. Totally editing time was just under 2 min and the gallery was derived the morning after the session!


This image was slightly warmed up (cloudy day), and given a saturation boost because I like rich colors. The total editing time was 2 min start to finish. This gallery had 23 images delivered and they received them all the next day!


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