Dress up with Hailey

Any one who knows Hailey, knows that she is a character!! She loves lots of things but the things she loves the most are her stuffed animal Tiger Blood (the name is a story in itself lol) and playing. Today was all about dress up, military style! It all started with the helmets that my kids picked out as Christmas presents for their cousins (shhh Brooke and Steven, don’t tell the boys) she decided that she needed to play with them before she gave them away just to make sure they worked hahaha. We have no shortage of camo in this house thanks to my husband so she had the perfect outfit to go with the helmet. Take a look at this mini session of Hailey and Tiger Blood and I bet you won’t have seen anything this cute all day!

2015-12-15_0005 2015-12-15_0007 2015-12-15_0002 2015-12-15_0008 2015-12-15_0001 2015-12-15_0006 2015-12-15_0003 2015-12-15_0004

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