Where did the time go? My baby is turning 5!

I am a serious emotional wreck right now. Haha I can’t help it my beautiful baby is turning 5! Let me give you a little back story on this incredibly strong little girl.

Right from the beginning, I mean from the time she was forming in my womb, she was fighting for her life. She was a twin and sadly I miscarried her twin. The remaining baby (Hailey) was thought to be gone as well. I was being pushed into a D&C and did not feel just right about the whole situation, I still felt pregnant. I asked for another ultrasound before I proceeded with the D&C and I’m so glad I did, she was there and alive! From that point on I struggled to keep her that way. It was weekly shots to keep the contractions at bay and lots of ultrasounds to make sure she was still growing. By the time I was 34 weeks pregnant my body could not take any more medicine and my body went into shock, we had to do an emergency C-Section. Hailey was born premature with underdeveloped lungs, esophagus, and crooked neck muscles on one side. Because of being born early she also has sensory problems. For the first 3 years of her life she fought so hard to overcome these things. She did a stay at Phoenix children hospital for a severe case of RSV, weekly therapy sessions for feeding, physical, speech, and occupational therapies, and a couple of surgeries. You wouldn’t know it now by looking at her or hanging out with her. She is a healthy and very happy (almost) 5 year old! She is so stubborn and smart. She is sweet and kind and one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen!

Here are her 5 year old birthday pictures! <3 I am just in awe of this little girl<3


2016-02-10_0001 2016-02-10_0007 2016-02-10_0002 2016-02-10_0005 2016-02-10_0003 2016-02-10_0006 2016-02-10_0004 2016-02-10_0008

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