Extended Family Portraits

Lets talk about extended family portraits, what they are and why they are different from your family photos that you get every year. When you get your families pictures done each year, it’s to watch your family grow, to document where you are in life and to have memories for your children to look back on for years to come. When you get extended family photos done, you are bringing together the family that your parents or grand parents have created! You are documenting the “big picture” so to speak. As we grow up and start families of our own it gets hard to get everyone together at the same time. When you have these pictures done they are the ones that hang on the wall for years and years, they don’t get changed out every year and they become a center piece and statement piece in your home. It’s a beautiful way to feel connected from a far.

Every time that I go back to Iowa to my grand parents home its one of the first pictures that I look at. It instantly brings me back and I can remember what was going on that day, I can remember getting set up for this picture and most of all I can remember that I was with my whole family from my mom’s side. It was a good day!

You want to have these memories for your self, your parents, your kids. After all family is most important and you should hold on to every memory that you can!

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  1. Diane Wagner

    The pictures that we had taken are such a treasure!!! Thank you for capturing our whole family being together for the first time in almost 2 years. These pictures are priceless! GREAT JOB!!!

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