Matt + Erin A Prescott Az Ranch Wedding

Matt and Erin met online, they talked for a few days before Erin decided to give Matt her number… After a few days of talking on the phone and texting Erin finally decided she wanted to meet Matt in person. They met up at the O.H.O.S.O brewery in Paradise Valley. It was perfect! The service was horrible, but they had such a great time! Matt walked Erin to her car and that was the first time that he kissed her. It took only one short month of dating before they both new they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Then one night at Erin’s apartment Matt made cookies with Erin’s oldest son and spelled out “Will You Marry Me?” with icing and the rest was history!

The wedding was beautiful and Matt and Erin were surrounded by 30 of there closest family and friends just take a look for yourself…

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